Getting to know our Pisco, Torontel grape

This aromatic Pisco grape variety belongs to the family Muscat.

With the torontel grape France produces one of her most popular  wines in the world, “Muscat de Frontignan”. This variety has green skin, but by the action of sunlight the grapes can turn to a gold-tone tan. It offers aromas, similar to the Italian grape, but finer. It’s pisco is elegant, with delicate aromas and well structured, with notes reminiscent of tropical fruits and white flowers, jasmine and magnolia.

Probably origin: Spain (Galicia)
Variety: Torontel (Torrontés)
Synonymus: Yellow Muscat (Germany), Yellow Incense (Austria), White Muscat (Italy), Moorish muscat (Sapin) and White Frontignan (Asutria).
Main uses: Pisco and table grape
Good plant vigor
Clusters: Conical shape and size. Of medium size, Loose.
Berries: Oval form, big to medium size. Colour yellowish golden.
Harvest Time: March
Region: Predominates in Ica

Tasting notes:
Very fine and delicate aromas, with a range of tropical fruit.
It also reminds us of white flowers, jasmine and magnolia, camomile, geranium, citrus, sour, sweet and lemon.


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